Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year Yer Bastards!

Don`t worry about Kitty, she`s just feeling a bit inadequate.

Have A Fab One
One and All.

Sickening Lack of Desire to Live

No Sh*t :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Energy what I`m lacking today, having slept for most of the evening I feel like an empty swimming pool - drained.

Was sent a scary link earlier, nice site though, very good large format pics.

Gonna be giving away a "demo" (prob 8 levels) version of Fugitive 3D on cubicspaces for the new year. The only thing missing is sound on non Nokia phones, if theres an adaquate response I`ll write a non-Nokia sound version but personally I`d rather not have the sound on anyway :)

argh, off to collapse...

ok, here goes with the dodgy drunken stuff...

I just don`t understand why it has to get to this. wow, now thats an uncharacteristically (long word) serious statement...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Stuff and Exaggerated things from the depths of Depravity.

Just listening to some rather Lush Mr Cave & the Unwanted Seed, the Abattoir Blues - as received by myself for the purpose of satisfying in-law parental dues, is a most excellent piece of entertainment, I can recommend it to practically all of my closest associates :)

Green sky at night, Quatermass flight.

Ah, lovely green sky tonight, should be raining frogs in the morning. My fave silly program on atm (rebroacast `cause it was *so* good the first time ;) where some luverly lady from a middle england marketing agency has to do a trans Canada race with a few weeks notice, and rather surprisingly comes in the winning team (no pun intended) too enjoyable so i`ve had to turn it off so i can concentrate...

Kitty now has an axe, the Second issue should be entertaining, centered as it is around 3D artists and their apparent inability to follow polygon restrictions, all good nerdy stuff :)

Monday, December 27, 2004

Chuffing Christmas

Wahey! its finished. What a relief, not one mince pie eaten too. No sprouts either!

Too depressed by the awful disaster in Indonesia to feel good about Christmas anyway.

My sympathy to everyone involved.

Aw bugger, the washing machines going nuts again its like a f*cking road drill, I`m sure its gonna blow up one day...