Thursday, December 23, 2004

jobs and christmas

The season of good will is certainly kicking off in style - within 24 hours of signing on I have a job! a really cool job too. Hurrah!

and to celebrate my almost definately short term happyness and good humour I`ve given Koder Kitty a christmas special! Hurrah again!

WayHey! as a certain coder friend would now intone, if he hadnt run off to work for archer...

Monday, December 20, 2004

held tight in the bosom of the state

hurrah! I`m now officially a doley bum waster.

How depressing, I better hurry up and get a job before I buy a lame dog on a rope and start smoking d---.

mornington crescent

Argh, have to sign on, AAaaaaaargh!

I`ve been dreading this moment for the last 6 months of unemployed skintness, finally its here - the last leaf of my self respect plucked from the dying oak of my career. I suppose I should try to enjoy it and wallow in my non-work state while it lasts...

random insertion number one

ahha. a blog, well this is all very nice.

Oh what a wonderful evening. the joy, the spirit of yet another commercial Christmas in the warm embrace of the western first world.

Koder Kitty issue one is here! well, its actually over >>>there>>> by the long winding road to nowhere important.